Holiday Transportation Challenges, Successes and IdeasHoliday Transportation Challenges, Successes and Ideas

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Holiday Transportation Challenges, Successes and Ideas

Hello, my name is Mandi, and welcome to my blog. As a mum of three and a lifelong lover of travelling, I have embarked on many journeys during the holidays. I have travelled to far-flung places during their religious and cultural festivals, and I have travelled through our own country on special holidays. Along the way, I have learned the best ways to find great deals, beat the crowds, plan holidays away from home and more. I love to write so I decided to create a blog about holiday transportation! I hope you enjoy and learn from these posts! Happy travels!

How To Find A Haulage Company

Do you plan to move heavy machines, structures, or houses? If you do, the services of a heavy haulage company will come in handy. Below are a few insights to help you hire a heavy haulage company. 

You will find numerous heavy haulage companies in Australia. Narrow your choice by comparing the expertise of the different companies. For example,

  • Check the company's trucks to determine if they can handle your load. For instance, you will need articulated trailers when moving oversized loads.
  • Is the company registered to offer haulage services in Australia? Once you engage the company's services, it needs to apply for multiple licences from various government agencies to move your load. However, this is impossible if the company is unregistered.
  • Does the company have an experienced workforce? Check the haulage company's website or social media pages to establish whether it employs seasoned drivers, haulage managers, and engineers.
  • Check the haulage company's reputation and reviews to know whether it goes the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction. For instance, some companies have flexible contracts that ensure customers enjoy their services. 

Your next task is determining the company's ability to personalise its services to suit your personal and business interests. Typically, the company should start by examining your needs. For example, when and where do you want to move the load? Do you require additional services such as assembly and installation during the move? What is your budget? The answers to these queries should help the haulage company prepare a customer-centred haulage plan. 

Examine the company's ability to deal with the various haulage challenges. For instance, delayed government permits could affect the haulage timetable. If this happens, the company should have a legal team to help speed up these processes. The company should also have a contingency plan to deal with unforeseen events. For instance, it should have mechanics on standby to repair the truck if it breaks down along the road. Moreover, the haulage crew should conduct a weather forecast to ensure they do not encounter heavy rains or storms as they move your load. 

Finally, assess the safety protocols the company observes. By law, the company must deploy pilot cars to escort the haulage truck. These vehicles warn other road users to slow down as they approach the haulage truck. The company should also deploy a reconnaissance team to inform the haulage crew about the road conditions. This way, the haulage trucks can avoid traffic jams, low-lying bridges, and unpaved roads as they move your load.