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Holiday Transportation Challenges, Successes and Ideas

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Safety Measures Taken By Heavy Haulage Services

Heavy haulage services enable businesses and individuals to move oversized items that conventional trucks cannot carry. Although heavy haulage is quite intriguing, it is quite risky. Read this extract to understand how haulage companies in Australia deal with the various safety challenges they face while transporting your oversized loads. 

Driver Safety

Drivers are a critical component of heavy haulage. Typically, heavy haulage drivers undergo rigorous training to ensure they understand every aspect of the truck and load they carry. For instance, they often use sophisticated trailers such as self-articulated modular transporters. These trailers integrate complex technologies to ease haulage. The drivers must comprehend each system to avoid overheating brakes or transmission problems as they transport the load. 

Driver discipline goes a long way in ensuring the loads arrive safely at their destination. The drivers cannot drive when intoxicated or under medication that could affect their driving skills. Driver fatigue is known to cause truck accidents. Therefore, haulage companies are very strict about their drivers' working hours. In most cases, the trucks have two drivers for long hauls. Besides, the companies install Electronic Work Diaries (EWD) systems to ensure the drivers take regular breaks and do not drive past the recommended hours. 

Road Safety

Heavy haulage convoys can cause accidents since they drive slowly and occupy a huge section of the road. Once a client contacts the haulage company, they map out a route with minimal risks and little traffic. Typically, the company sends a team to ensure that the route does not have low-lying bridges of tight corners. Besides, the team ensures that the bridges on the road can support the haulage truck. The team also identifies suitable locations to stop the haulage convoy. It helps ease traffic and allows the team to inspect the haulage truck. 

Usually, the haulage truck is escorted by several vehicles (pilot vehicles). The primary purpose of the pilot vehicles is to ensure drivers ahead and behind the haulage truck are well aware of an oversized truck. Therefore, they slow down as they approach the truck. The pilot drivers also examine traffic conditions and advise the haulage driver if they should stop to allow traffic to pass through. The cars also carry critical members of the haulage crew, such as company managers, engineers, and mechanics. Additionally, they transport repair and emergency equipment that could be needed during the trip. 

The haulage team works hand in hand with traffic police to prevent traffic snarl-ups caused by the haulage truck or impatient road users. For example, the police escort the haulage crew in urban areas. Typically, they block roads and redirect traffic to ensure the haulage truck has an easy time navigating through town. 

For more information on heavy haulage services, contact a company near you.