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Holiday Transportation Challenges, Successes and Ideas

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Are Helicopters Safer Than Business Jets For Private Air Travel?

The use of charted flights for business travel has become more and more popular in recent times. This is because business entities have realized the numerous advantages of private air travel over the use of commercial airlines. Top on the list of these advantages is the fact that chartered flights allow employees to continue working when the aircraft is air-bone, hence maintaining their productivity.

This article provides a comparison between flying in a helicopter and flying in a private business jet in terms passenger safety, for the benefit of private business travelers.

Take Off And Landing

There are various factors that can affect the safety of an aircraft when taking off and when landing. These factors include adverse weather conditions such as strong winds.

The standard business jet is much larger than a helicopter. In the face of harsh weather conditions, the business jet is less susceptible to the effects of harsh weather during take-off and landing. They, therefore, allow for sturdier and more reliable take offs and landings.

It is important to point out that neither of the two options for private air travel is suitable for use when weather conditions are not suitable for aircraft take-off and landing. Therefore, pilots will not risk take-off, nor landing the aircraft, be it in a helicopter or a business jet.

Emergency Situations

Plane accidents involving business jets are often more serious than those involving helicopters due to the extra weight of the plane, the extra number of passengers, and the greater speeds at which business jets fly.

Dealing with emergency situations on an aircraft sometimes requires the pilot to change course mid-way through the journey. This can be done faster and more easily in a helicopter than a private jet.

Additionally, emergency situations often create the need for an emergency landing.  In this regard, helicopters are safer than business jets because they can land almost anywhere. In contrast, emergency landing for a private jet requires the pilot to steer the aircraft to the nearest airport or air-strip.

Safety Equipment

Helicopters and private business jets are both equipped with the necessary safety equipment, just in case something happens mid-air. It is not easy to compare the level of safety in terms of safety equipment because helicopters and business jets operate in significantly different environments. As such, their safety requirements in terms of equipment are also significantly different.  

In each case however, passengers receive a safety briefing and are shown the emergency exits and procedures to be followed should the unexpected happen.

In general, both helicopters and private jets are more than safe for private air travel, but the above information should give you a little more information about your options for charter flights